What is KIK Sexting and why should you be concerned?


Kik is an application meant for the purpose of exchanging messages, photos, videos, and much more between people. Nowadays instead of regular friendly texting, people are more interested in Sexting. Now what is Sexting? Sexting is exchange of sexually charging texts or photos or videos. When two people like each other they generally are sexually attracted to each other and if there is distance between them they use apps like Kik to do sexting. Now that seems harmless right? You are wrong. There are number of things that you should consider before sexting anyone over Kik. Here are the reason why you should be concerned –


  • Firstly if you have never met the person you are chatting with then there are chances that the person is fake and is using a fake ID. As Kik is anonymous it is very hard to find out whether the ID is real or fake. So think twice before trusting blindly.
  • Many people exchange photos during sexting. These pictures are usually in compromising positions. These can be used by the other person to blackmail the sender. This has been done many times and is one of the biggest threats of online chatting. If the person leaks those pictures it affects the reputation of the sender greatly.
  • In case parents you have installed Kik on your phones then you should keep a check when your kids use your mobiles. As kids are innocent and impulsive, they have a desire to do things that grownups do. So many a times it happens that kids make an account on Kik and talk to strangers. They trust that other person and give them photos in compromising positions. This can affect them deeply. This is a form of child sexual abuse.
  • Teenagers are impulsive. They think they know everything and are cool when they do grow up stuff but actually neither they are mentally or physically ready for all this. They use Kik to chat and tend to get close very soon. They think this is love and decide to act on this. They meet up and then do things they will regret. Parents should always keep a check as to what applications their kids are using.
  • Learn how to perform Kik login is not a difficult task and therefore, teenagers can simply create their accounts. Also as the users are anonymous, the teenagers usually do not know who they are talking to and do not even consider the possibility that the other person might be fake. They exchange sexual material and can easily get blackmailed for it. Even adults sometimes get fooled on this app.
  • Kik is a cool app; sharing things and chatting with your friends and all this for free is what makes this app cool. This is what attracts millions of people to use it. But sexual messages can be used in other ways. People can take screenshots and post them on social accounts which results in a person being humiliated.

If someone having trouble or problem due to any of the above reasons then simply deactivate your Kik account. The procedure to deactivate Kik account is very simple. One of the coolest thing about this messaging app is you can use your account again after deactivation.

This Is Why Movie Lovers Enjoy Movie Box


If you’re bored of having to watch the same movies on your DVD or your Smartphone over and over again, and you don’t like the idea of constantly replacing the movies on your phone because of space issues, it’s time you installed the MovieBox app. This is one of the best online movie streaming apps that is compactable with android, iOS and Windows devices. This app enables you to watch unlimited movies by offering hassle free services that you can enjoy.

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If you’re wondering why this app is helpful, then here are a few things you need to consider. To begin with, the Movie Box app enables you to pick from some of the best movies that you can choose. It has new as well as old movies and it offers movies in various genres. One of the best things about the app is that streaming the movies is easy and you always manage to get good quality videos which you will enjoy watching. It is one of the safest ways to enjoy watching a movie without having to compromise on the space available on your phone. You can make a pick at the last minute and watch the movie without interruption.

All movie lovers will enjoy the movie box app for one simple reason. This app has movies from all genres and all generations. This app is not just restricted to the latest movies or only movies from the 21st century. There have been many classics in the past that people love watching over and over again. With the movie box app you can choose any movie that you love and play it when you are in the mood to watch it. There is no need to download anything anymore. All you need to do is search the movie that you and your friends feel like watching and then play it.

With no downloads there is no danger of viruses or any kind of Trojan affecting your smartphone or your laptop as well. The movie box app takes care of all movie lovers needs and gives equal importance to all movies that are available on the app. This is the reason the sound quality and picture quality of all the movies are simply top class. Download the movie box app today itself to enter the world of entertainment like never before. Click to read about the best free movie apps.

Shower Head Water Softener


Many people do not like dry and brittle hair and tough, dry skin and overall disgusting feeling even when you step out of the shower. Many of you might have bought top notch shower appliance for yourself, but might have been wondering, why still uneasy feeling follows every time you step out of the water.

It’s not your fault, it’s the water which is not good. The city water
sources use hard chemicals in order to make the water clean, and the chemicals still remain in the water even after chemical removal remedies. These chemicals can harm your body and damage your hair. Also, the main chemical used in water treatment is chlorine. It if is not removed properly from the water before supplying it to common people, it can cause infection or
itching in your eyes, nose, scalp, and skin.

top-rainshowr-water-softener-shower-headnegative-ionic-spa-shower-head-water-softener-and-purifier-for-your-family-2cedar-and-citrus-shower-head-filter-and-water-softener-300x300                                                                                       Also, getting a separate water softener that can be connected to hot water could be a bit expensive as well as not feasible in case you are living in an apartment. Also, installing a new water softener in your bathroom could be a tiring task. But there is one simple solution to this problem. You can get a shower head water softener for yourself and get the same fresh feeling while stepping out of a shower.  check this product from our recommended site (WaterSoftenerGuide.com) and get best products from the market.

Shower head water softeners are easily available and could be installed in seconds. They provide instant relief from all the hard water and chemicals while you shower. You just need a water softener water head filter as they are available at a very reasonable price as well. You might find some of them bulky looking, but you need to measure your shower head before you get one. Find the one that will fit perfectly as well as go with your bathroom design and style.

Once you get the shower head water softener, you can install it and use it for 3-6 months without any problem. One another benefit of shower head water softener is that you can take it anywhere with you. So, you will never have to worry about hard water anywhere you travel. You will always have a solution in your bag.

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The modern shower head water softeners come in elegant stylish design and reduce 99 percent of chlorine and other harmful minerals from the passing water. Also, most of them come with anti-cod technology as well as 10,000-gallon filter capacity. So what are you waiting for, you won’t get better and cheap solution to your hard water problems than this. Go and get one for your shower now!.

Does Trampoline Strings Make a Difference?


Do trampoline springs have any kind of effect on trampoline’s performance? Besides the conspicuous reality that without springs, there can be no trampoline, there are a few critical credits to a spring that enormously affect the bouncing background. They give the bob clearly, yet trampoline springs additionally assume an essential part in the wellbeing of the bounce. The physical components of a spring-like length, the distance across of the loop and the material they are made of consolidate to make a spring play out a specific way.Pulling-Spring

Huge change in the energy is what a jumper feels traveling through their body when hopping on the trampoline mat. On the off chance that your trampoline springs can extend further, the energy exchange through your body happens over a long period of time, bringing about the additional energy that is required in your jump. On the off chance that your trampoline springs are short they basically can’t extend as much, so the energy exchange is quicker, and your body has less time to adjust to it and the inclination is a shorter, stiffer, and harsher bounce.

A short spring length squares with a short extend separation, which measures up to a short stop rebound bounce back; and will have two results; one now and one in the long run. It will stop extending, and after that, in the long run, disfigure permanently (the spring will be for all time, overstretched and lose a lot of its capacity). When it stops extending, you’ll feel an extremely sudden stop in the descending movement of the bounce mat, just similar to bouncing off a short divider and arriving on the ground.

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Recollect that all the trampoline springs appended to the bouncing mat are doing likewise. These “short stops” are challenging for your joints and back. A forever distorted spring is the inescapable result from steady over expansion rigid and rough use. It regularly happens where the jumpers are too overwhelming for the configuration, or jump in a way forbidden in the guidelines. This typically happens when a minimal effort trampoline is included. Short trampoline springs are less expensive to make, are frequently made with lower quality steel, and just “give out” sooner than high-quality steel spring.

These components consolidated: the length, distance across and grade of wire utilized, cooperate to decide the quality, security, and solace of the jump. So, all in all, it is an important part of the trampoline and an important part of your perfect jump.

History of Television and its possible future…..


During 1900’s, the word Television came into existence by Constantin perskyi. BBC was the first regular broadcasting service started in 1932. Though it suspended its broadcasting services respecting the word of outbreak of Second World War. India has started an experiment on telecasting in Delhi on 15th September 1959. The regular and day-to-day transmission is started as all India radio. These television services were then transmitted to few other cities like Bombay and Amritsar in 1972. Until 1975, only seven Indian cities had television broadcasting services, all India radio etc. Television services though divided from all India radio in 1976. Indian small screen programmes are started in the year 1980’s. At that time we only had Doordarshan which started broadcasting services in India which is owned by the government of India.History of TelevisionThe major telecasting were, Ramayan and Mahabharata which are two Indian mythological and spiritual stories and were the first television series in India. The series picked the world record for having more number of viewers for a television series. Government has opened a new channel named DD international which had telecasting for Asia and Europe. The government of India started more economical and socialistic channels by the orders of Indian Prime Minister Narasimha Rao. New policies which gave wings to the private broadcasters to open a studio and start a channel. Channels like Zeetv, suntv, ETV are from the private hands where Doordarshan is still in the market under Indian government. Now-a-days, we see different channels under one hood. TV has become a part of people’s entertainment at home. There are a number TV series now which holds people interests like crime, comedy, family, drama, romance etc,. There are a number of TV series in India because of its different cultures and languages.

These days, television sets are just a waste of time. Technology has risen to the sky and started flying. You can watch the TV series on the go. The smart phone generation started a revolution of producing the applications to help the people’s needs. Applications were made to watch tv live on your mobile phone, though you need internet to do so. But considering the revolution from mobile phones, generation after generation gearing the speed in technology. ShowBox App is one such application which allows you to watch TV shows, movies etc.

ShowBox is an android based application which allows you to get access to watch movies, TV series on the go with its extraordinary features like no login credentials needed. Which may be required for other applications? ShowBox contains different categories like movies, TV shows, news, trailers, and favorites and downloads. Favorites and downloads are one that way which puts your mood ‘ON” when you are bored. You can open your favorites TV series when you are online, select the download option which makes that episode of TV series you selected to store in your storage and can be watched offline even when you are not connected to your Wi-Fi.

TV Shows in ShowBox APK have different options to sort your series; even it has search option which will be handy at times. There will be two options listed in the TV series category they are sort by which can sort according to rating, name and time of added. And another option is genre; based on this option you can track your favorite TV series.

Stop Rosie Information and Resources


Rosie has the right of free speech.”
I know, I know, and I know. I don’t necessarily want to see Rosie fired, I just want her to be more responsible. Let me rephrase – I am not calling exclusively for her departure; I believe that other solutions exist and I believe that the good people of America will accept a sincere apology regarding her previous offensive comments.
But non-action is unacceptable. Something needs to be done, and here’s why – ‘free speech’ is not an unlimited right. The first amendment makes no claim that Americans can say anything they please without fear of consequence from an entity such as an employer, a constituency, or a fan-base. We are taught by our school system and our parents that we must always be appropriate and respectful with our voice. It is unacceptable for school students to curse or yell at their superiors, or to baselessly accuse them of wrong-doing. It is unacceptable for a student to publicly degrade or belittle a fellow classmate. It is just and legal for an employer to fire an employee for verbally harrassing a co-worker. There are definite boundaries of ‘free speech’ and they are constructed based on what is appropriate and responsible for the appurtenant environment.
Why then are those boundaries, which exist in virtually every professional or educational environment, thrown out the window when it comes to the media sector? I could point to plenty of celebrity comments that would warrant at least a detention if a student uttered a similar comment about a superior at a public, or most certainly a private, school. But I’m going to focus on Rosie exclusively, because I feel that she is the predominant figurehead of this movement.

The reason she oversteps her boundaries is because, aside from the fact that she vehemently and disrespectfully denounces our governing body, she offends a very specific group of people – American citizens! She defames our elected president, insinuates that our military are murderers, and projects a general attitude that it is warranted (if not applaudable) to blame America for the problems of the world.
Sure, the show is called The View, and it does offer the views of four different women. Here’s where the double-standard lies; hypothetically, if one of those women had a ‘personal view’ that homosexuality is evil and we should stand up to oppose it, I am most certain that plenty of Americans (both gay and straight, Rosie included) would argue that that host is being irresponsible, and demand that action be taken. I would agree that action should be taken! With this in mind, why then should we, as diverse and respectful American citizens, stick up and defend minority groups but be expected to bury our head in the sand when it comes to a majority group?