What is KIK Sexting and why should you be concerned?

Kik is an application meant for the purpose of exchanging messages, photos, videos, and much more between people. Nowadays instead of regular friendly texting, people are more interested in Sexting. Now what is Sexting? Sexting is exchange of sexually charging texts or photos or videos. When two people like each other they generally are sexually attracted to each other and if there is distance between them they use apps like Kik to do sexting. Now that seems harmless right? You are wrong. There are number of things that you should consider before sexting anyone over Kik. Here are the reason why you should be concerned –


  • Firstly if you have never met the person you are chatting with then there are chances that the person is fake and is using a fake ID. As Kik is anonymous it is very hard to find out whether the ID is real or fake. So think twice before trusting blindly.
  • Many people exchange photos during sexting. These pictures are usually in compromising positions. These can be used by the other person to blackmail the sender. This has been done many times and is one of the biggest threats of online chatting. If the person leaks those pictures it affects the reputation of the sender greatly.
  • In case parents you have installed Kik on your phones then you should keep a check when your kids use your mobiles. As kids are innocent and impulsive, they have a desire to do things that grownups do. So many a times it happens that kids make an account on Kik and talk to strangers. They trust that other person and give them photos in compromising positions. This can affect them deeply. This is a form of child sexual abuse.
  • Teenagers are impulsive. They think they know everything and are cool when they do grow up stuff but actually neither they are mentally or physically ready for all this. They use Kik to chat and tend to get close very soon. They think this is love and decide to act on this. They meet up and then do things they will regret. Parents should always keep a check as to what applications their kids are using.
  • Learn how to perform Kik login is not a difficult task and therefore, teenagers can simply create their accounts. Also as the users are anonymous, the teenagers usually do not know who they are talking to and do not even consider the possibility that the other person might be fake. They exchange sexual material and can easily get blackmailed for it. Even adults sometimes get fooled on this app.
  • Kik is a cool app; sharing things and chatting with your friends and all this for free is what makes this app cool. This is what attracts millions of people to use it. But sexual messages can be used in other ways. People can take screenshots and post them on social accounts which results in a person being humiliated.

If someone having trouble or problem due to any of the above reasons then simply deactivate your Kik account. The procedure to deactivate Kik account is very simple. One of the coolest thing about this messaging app is you can use your account again after deactivation.

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