History of Television and its possible future…..

During 1900’s, the word Television came into existence by Constantin perskyi. BBC was the first regular broadcasting service started in 1932. Though it suspended its broadcasting services respecting the word of outbreak of Second World War. India has started an experiment on telecasting in Delhi on 15th September 1959. The regular and day-to-day transmission is started as all India radio. These television services were then transmitted to few other cities like Bombay and Amritsar in 1972. Until 1975, only seven Indian cities had television broadcasting services, all India radio etc. Television services though divided from all India radio in 1976. Indian small screen programmes are started in the year 1980’s. At that time we only had Doordarshan which started broadcasting services in India which is owned by the government of India.History of TelevisionThe major telecasting were, Ramayan and Mahabharata which are two Indian mythological and spiritual stories and were the first television series in India. The series picked the world record for having more number of viewers for a television series. Government has opened a new channel named DD international which had telecasting for Asia and Europe. The government of India started more economical and socialistic channels by the orders of Indian Prime Minister Narasimha Rao. New policies which gave wings to the private broadcasters to open a studio and start a channel. Channels like Zeetv, suntv, ETV are from the private hands where Doordarshan is still in the market under Indian government. Now-a-days, we see different channels under one hood. TV has become a part of people’s entertainment at home. There are a number TV series now which holds people interests like crime, comedy, family, drama, romance etc,. There are a number of TV series in India because of its different cultures and languages.

These days, television sets are just a waste of time. Technology has risen to the sky and started flying. You can watch the TV series on the go. The smart phone generation started a revolution of producing the applications to help the people’s needs. Applications were made to watch tv live on your mobile phone, though you need internet to do so. But considering the revolution from mobile phones, generation after generation gearing the speed in technology. ShowBox App is one such application which allows you to watch TV shows, movies etc.

ShowBox is an android based application which allows you to get access to watch movies, TV series on the go with its extraordinary features like no login credentials needed. Which may be required for other applications? ShowBox contains different categories like movies, TV shows, news, trailers, and favorites and downloads. Favorites and downloads are one that way which puts your mood ‘ON” when you are bored. You can open your favorites TV series when you are online, select the download option which makes that episode of TV series you selected to store in your storage and can be watched offline even when you are not connected to your Wi-Fi.

TV Shows in ShowBox APK have different options to sort your series; even it has search option which will be handy at times. There will be two options listed in the TV series category they are sort by which can sort according to rating, name and time of added. And another option is genre; based on this option you can track your favorite TV series.

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